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Advantages Pegulan
Healthier living flooring




Pegulan EXTREME® PUR surface wear technology enhances the floors ability to resist nearly anything a busy family can throw at it. Highly scuff and stain resistant this surface makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. A completely water resistant surface also means that Pegulan Luxury Vinyl is the practical solution for areas where moisture and/or humidity are concerns. Water cannot penetrate the surface so your subfloor is protected from costly moisture related issues that can occur.




Pegulan EXTREME® PUR surface wear technology creates an impervious floor covering, meaning dirt, germs and bacteria have nowhere to hide. Pegulan Luxury Vinyl also comes in two convenient widths ensuring most areas can be installed without joins, again eliminating any areas where allergens can harbor and thrive. This creates an incredibly low maintenance, child friendly floor that will stand the test of time.



Pegulan Luxury Vinyl is softer, quieter and warmer underfoot than other flooring options. It is easier to stand on for longer periods of time, reducing fatigue and stress. Its resilient qualities mean that dropped items will most likely bounce, not break. Many of the Pegulan Luxury Vinyl range designs also have enhanced slip resistance built into the EXTREME® PUR surface, ensuring peace of mind in wet areas, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.




Pegulan Luxury Vinyl provides a hard wearing and great looking floor for less. You can have the look of expensive timber, stone and polished concrete floors for a fraction of the price. Ranges that have our TX® backing can also significantly reduce floor preparation and installation costs further. And don’t think that because it’s less expensive it is a lesser alternative. Pegulan Luxury Vinyls are covered by comprehensive performance warranties to give you complete confidence in your purchase.

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