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Loose Lay Flooring Pegulan


Unlike other flooring types, Pegulan’s incredible dimensional stability can significantly reduce installation and floor preparation costs. Pegulan luxury vinyl is a seamless solution in most applications, there are no joins and therefore no unsightly gaps across your floor. This in turn creates a waterproof flooring solution that is incredibly easy to keep clean. Quiet, soft, warm and extremely hard wearing, it is available in both 3 & 4 metre wide formats to eliminate joins in most rooms. Pegulan TX® backed products can be confidently installed to larger areas* without the need for adhesive. All Pegulan luxury vinyls use phthalate-free plasticizers, and have ultra-low VOC emissions for added peace of mind.

With over 100 colours and designs to choose from, no other floor comes close.

*See individual product specifications and installation recommendations for further information


For over 30 years, Pegulan luxury vinyl has set the quality and performance benchmark that all other vinyl floors aspire to. Now redesigned for the 21st century to include the revolutionary TX® polyester felt backing system. The backing allows for easier installation over more sub-floors and combined with our integral fibreglass inter-layer means it is still the only true "loose-lay" vinyl on sale today. With over 100 colours and designs to inspire, the unsurpassed value of Pegulan luxury vinyl means you can create your dream look for much less. Peace of mind comes from the EXTREME®  PUR wear layer, and Pegulan luxury vinyl has up to a 20 year residential wear warranty*

  • LOOSE LAY - All Pegulan luxury sheet vinyl can be loose laid.

  • SEAMLESS - Can be installed in most rooms without joins. Will not peak or gap for a continuous, smooth finish.

  • HYGIENIC - No joins means nowhere for dirt, grime and bugs to hide.

  • EASY CARE - Advanced surface treatments ensure cleaning and maintenance are a breeze.

  • COMFORT - Soft underfoot and incredibly quiet - up to 20dB impact sound improvement depending upon quality.

  • SAFE - Phthalate free construction and ultra low VOC emissions for a better indoor environment for you and your family.

  • VALUE - The ultimate design freedom for less.

*see warranty section for further details.


All Pegulan vinyls with TX® felt backing can be loose laid to most areas in residential applications, however care needs to be taken in complex layouts such as multi room installations (through passage ways into adjoining rooms for example) or where island benches or fixed cabinetry exist to ensure the product does not buckle.  Please read the section below to determine if a loose lay installation is right for your application.


The following recommendations are made:

  • All subfloors should follow the recommendations of smooth, dry, clean and level. Pegulan vinyl flooring is incredible resilient however it is a flexible product that will relax after installation and conform to any undulations in the subfloor. The smoother and more level the starting floor is, the better the end result.

  • This method of installation is specifically not recommended in areas of heavy traffic or when the use of roller-casters (ie Caster Chairs) is required or in areas exposed to prolonged direct sunlight or standing water such as bathrooms. Where refrigerators, dishwashers or other heavy objects are to be "constantly" moved then the vinyl should also be glued down. Of course care should be taken at all times when moving these items and the use of a trolley or sliding them on sheets of ply is highly recommended to avoid damaging the floor. 

  • By definition, a loose lay installation should not be perimeter adhered as this may cause buckling. Do not adhere or use silicon on the perimeter of vinyl as this can also cause buckling.

  • Pegulan vinyl flooring is highly stable and will not shrink or curl when correctly loose laid, but due to our variable Australian climate, sudden or prolonged hot weather can temporarily cause a slight growth in the vinyl, (as it does in concrete and steel rails). Therefore it is important that a small gap of approximately 1-2mm is left around the perimeter of the material. Failure to leave this gap can cause buckling of vinyl due to the material being forced against skirting, cupboards and or door frames. Re-trimming of vinyl after it has acclimatised for a week or two may be required in some instances.

  • It is imperative that all joins between adjoining pieces of loose laid vinyl are cold welded with an appropriate seam-sealer. Do not use adhesive or tape at joins as this will invariably cause buckling.

  • All commercial installations of Pegulan vinyl must be fully stuck to the subfloor.

This is a snap-shot of our recommendations and should be read in conjunction with our full installation guidelines in "the technical" section of this website.

Pegulan comprehensively guarantees the quality of its products. Pegulan however cannot guarantee the quality of the installation or the suitability of the subfloor it is installed over as these are out of our control.

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