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Quiet & Comfortable Pegulan
Healthier living flooring


Pegulan luxury vinyls are quiet, soft and extremely comfortable underfoot.

Being a cushioned construction, Pegulan luxury vinyls are extremely comfortable to stand and walk on, and can significantly reduce fatigue when compared with hard flooring options. Being cushioned also means that items or objects dropped will most likely bounce rather than break.

Due to their advanced construction, Pegulan luxury vinyl floors can reduce impact noise between multi level floors by as much as 20dB without the use of expensive acoustic underlays. The Building Code of Australia (Now called the National Construction Code NCC) calls for specific noise reduction criteria to be met in multi-storey residential constructions, such as apartments, hi-rise hotels and units. Body Corporates in individual buildings have their own specific impact noise requirements that consistently call for "better than" the NCC allowances. It is therefore extremely important when renovating or specifying floor coverings that you consult with your Body Corporate to determine the type of flooring you are allowed to install and their specific requirements for impact noise reduction.

All Pegulan luxury vinyls have been tested in Europe by the manufacturer with the following results:

TEST TO EN ISO 717-2 - impact sound reduction over a 140mm bare concrete slab in decibels (dB)


The above results have been obtained using laboratory testing under controlled conditions. They also do not factor in the normally thicker concrete slabs used in construction here in Australia or any ceiling treatments installed/applied into the recieving rooms below. 

As suggested above it is up to the individual to consult with their Body Corporate about their specific impact noise requirements prior to beginning any renovation or refurbishment to determine the allowable floor covering options.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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